Western Valley Multiplex

The Village of Centreville boasts a long entrepreneurial heritage and enjoys a strong and dedicated volunteer community who are continually eager to make the village a better place to live. Centreville enjoys substantial economic activity based on a strong group of long-tenured commercial enterprises. The village enjoys an array of service organizations and a particularly active Chamber of Commerce. These groups organize many events such as Dinner Theatres, Harvest Suppers and Auctions, Community-Wide Yard Sales, as well as a 30 year-long running Tractor Pull event. The proceeds of such events are directed back to various community improvement projects and activities.

The longevity and success of the Tractor Pull event, has inspired its organizers to take it and the community to the next level. Indeed, the group has researched a number of models associated with large event venues and has decided to pursue the opportunity of developing a multi-use community complex. Such a complex would evidently be anchored by the proven formula of the Tractor Pull, but would also be leveraged for a multitude of other community events ensuring longer term viability for the complex, and in turn, for the community at large.

The community's track record in generating profits for at least the last fourteen years with a facility that has reached its capacity and is vulnerable to inclement weather, is a strong confidence builder for the Western Valley Multiplex (WVM) project. The proposed facility is planned to be an open-end structure, U-shape in concept, with covered seating areas surrounding the core on three sides. The interior surface will be an open-air area approximately 280 ft. in length and 150 ft. in width. The length of the surface will be extendable on the open end for activities requiring additional or extra space. Seating capacity will be 2800 in the grand stands with incremental seating of 2000-4000 available in the open air core for events such as concerts.

This facility will be able to host a wide array of events, such as the Tractor Pulls, concerts, farm shows and livestock events, as well as exhibits and other community events. It is evident that both the community and its business sector are highly engaged and well represented in the development of this project. They have done their homework by touring similar operating facilities and have retained external expertise to ensure community engagement as well as the development of a sound business case.

The community's proven track record of long-term event sustainability and profitability, as well as the facility's location, enabling the attraction of a broad geographic base of visitors, support a long financial model for the project.  The proposed Western Valley Multiplex has all the makings of a very viable project.

Proposed Facility


The proposed facility is to be an open-end structure, U-shape in concept, with covered seat areas surrounding the core on three sides. The interior surface is planned to be an open-air area approximately 280 ft. in length and 150 ft. in width. The length of the surface will be extendable on the open end for activities requiring such space.

Seating capacity should be between 2400 and 2800 in the grand stands, with incremental seating space available in the open air core for events such as concerts.

A large parcel of land, available for the site, would enable ample parking space which could easily accommodate 500-800 vehicles. Extra offsite parking will be available and when necessary.

Potential uses

Public consultations with the special interest groups and the community have provided a list of possibilities for the venue which can be categorized as follows:

  1. Various motorized events
    1. Show ‘n shine: Antiques, motorcycles, cars, tractors,
    2. Racing: Monster trucks, motocross, tractor pulls, snowmobiles, lawn mowers races, etc.
  2. Farm show and livestock events
    1. Rodeos
    2. Equestrian: Horse show, cattle pinning, barrel racing,
  3. Livestock shows – 4-H and various agricultural events
  4. Exhibits
    1. 4-H
    2. School events
    3. Trade shows, garden shows,
    4. Fair & markets
  5. Concerts and community events
    1. Community festivals
    2. Music concerts: Country, Rock, Bluegrass, Blues
    3. Outdoor Sporting Events
    4. Flea markets
    5. Hunting/Fishing themed events

Benefits of this Project

The economic impact of the Western Valley Multiplex will happen at two phases of the project: during the construction of the facility and subsequently though the various activities which will be held at the complex which we refer to as the operations.

Construction Economic Benefits – The economic benefits of the construction phase of this project include spending of approximately $4 Million in the local sector as well the employment of several people through contractors and subcontractors that will be working on the construction of the Western Valley Multiplex.

Operations Economic Benefits - As a realistic base at maturity of operations (by year 5), the Western Valley Multiplex could host ten sizeable events in addition to the expanded Truck and Tractor Pull.  Interest in hosting a second annual tractor pull is also one of the many ideas. If these events draw 20,000 people per year, we could expect that 15,000 would be from New Brunswick, 3,000 from other regions of Canada and 2,000 from the United States. Of these participants, we average that 25% of the New Brunswickers would stay overnight while 100% of other Canadians and 50% of the US visitors would stay overnight. The average stay would be two (2) nights.

While not all events will be “bigger ticket” events, there will be ample opportunity for the community at large to rent the facility to host events, as well.

We are very fortunate to have received the funding to build this facility in our village. It was a collaborative effort that actually took over six years of work and planning by many people. Finally, everything was aligned at the right time to access funds through a bilateral agreement infrastructure (IBA) fund called the Northern Fund.* Our vision to create more tourism, economic development, growth and recreational activities in our area has remained focused and finally on late June of 2018, we received word that we were approved for funding. Our local politicians helped lead us in the process and we are so fortunate to have many people that are dedicated to making our area a better place to live, work, and raise our families.

The tractor pull will certainly be the anchor event of the facility. Our community volunteers have worked hard over 30 years to establish and grow this event which brings a lot of money to the area over one weekend. More importantly, it brings entertainment and socialization that is essential for happy living.
The vision to have multiple events, motorized and otherwise, throughout the year in a beautiful facility should make us all excited. Many community champions have put numerous volunteer hours and dollars into creating this opportunity for the Western Valley Region. We encourage everyone to see the positive. We are so lucky and we hope in time, everyone will see that we are doing this to promote and enhance our area for our kids and our grandkids. Growth and progress are positive things for our beautiful village and the entire region.

*$1,825,275 Federal Funding (60%), $1,003,905 (33%) Provincial Funding. The Municipality’s portion (7%) to fulfill the agreement was $212,848. However, the community has committed to raising approximately $1 million for some “extras”, one being the community room that will seat approximately 200 people and can be utilized for conferences, meetings, weddings, dinners and other community functions and events.