Centreville is parallel to the U.S. border at Bridgewater, Maine. We are located above Woodstock and below Perth Andover, and off the Trans Canada exit 153. The Village Office is housed in the fire station, which serves as a community meeting location as well.

Village Office:
836 Central Street
Centreville, New Brunswick
E7K 2E7

Telephone: 506-276-3671
Facsimile: 506-276-9891
E-mail: voc@rogers.com

Village Council:
Mayor: Michael Stewart
Deputy Mayor: Garth Seely
Councillor: Kathleen Simonson
Councillor: Robert Lee
Municipal Administrator: Andrea Callahan

Emergency Numbers:

All Emergency Calls: Dial 911

Fire Department: (506) 276-3671
(Centreville Municipal Office):
(Non-Emergency Calls)

Police - District 7 R.C.M.P.: (506) 325-3000
(For Non-Emergency Calls)

Upper River Valley Hospital: (506) 375-5900